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Epoxy resins are preferably used for corrosion protection due to their high chemical resistance and good adhesion properties. Thereby, the hardener plays a crucial role, as the hardener significantly influences the reaction speed, the cross-linking and the elasticity of the coating.

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Merginoles can be used in countless polyurethane applications. Usually they are used in mixtures with common petrochemical polyols. Depending on the quantity and type, merginoles add further properties to the formulation such as higher gloss, better water and chemical resistance, more flexibility, hydrophobicity and much more.

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In many areas of the PVC industry epoxidised vegetable oils and esters are used as co-stabilisers and softeners. Our product portfolio comprises the usual standard types as well as more specific developments. Due to our manufacturing process we are also able to address specific customer requests.

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Alkyd resins belong to the group of polyester resins. They are ester compounds with long-chain fatty acids. Alkyd resins produced with conjugated fatty acids dry faster in air than alkyd resins with isolated fatty acids.

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Merginat product specialties are characterised by a high proportion of renewable raw materials. They are UV-active, offer good adhesion to wood, a high gloss and a particularly high chemical resistance.

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