Facts & Figures

1959Founding of the Harburger Fettchemie Brinckman&Mergell GmbH as a sister company to a vegetable oil refinery Initially conversion of coupling products from the vegetable oil production to lubricants
1960sLaunch of production of conjugated fatty acids Development and manufacturing of oleochemical polyols for the automotive industry
1975Development of an aqueous polyaminoamide adduct hardener and its market launch
1980sRepositioning with a focus on chemical modifications of the double bonds of unsaturated oils
1990sReactivation of the plant polyols portfolio
2000Development of acrylate-free UV oils
2003Company rebranding to HOBUM Oleochemicals GmbH
2005Specialisation of the epoxy sector towards aqueous hardeners
2009Start of doubling the capacity of epoxidised vegetable oils and esters (completion 2012)
2017Relocation of administration and R&D to the production site Konsul-Ritter-Stra├če 10
2019Startup of additional state-of-art reactor for production of polyamino amides
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