Biobased epoxy hardener

with distinctive pot life and low shrinkage

MERGINAMID A 296 is a polyaminoamide adduct with a 63 % bio based carbon content. This amidic epoxy curing agent was developed for castings amongst other applications. With 12 h processing time at room temperature it has the longest pot life of the MERGINAMID types.

Moulds produced from MERGINAMID A 296

Typical Values

Product Name:
Viscosity at 25 °C:
  1.000 - 4.000 [mPa*s]
H equivalent weight:
  135 [g/Eq]


Applications and Propoerties

Together with standard liquid epoxy resins (EEW 170-195 [g/Eq]) clear, viscoplastic moulds are formed. Due to the low heat of reaction these moulds basically do not shrink. Therefore they are ideally suited for waterproofed sealings, particularly for ceiling openings.

These properties are also especially desired in bondings of filters in pipelines. The repairing of sewage systems with liner technology can be performed very efficiently with MERGINAMID A 296. The cured moulds can be machined and shape cut. Also they are resistant against acids as well as lye and only soften at high temperatures.

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