MerginamidEpoxy hardener

Epoxy systems are predominantly used for corrosion protection and construction. The excellent adhesion to metallic and mineral substrates allows a wide range of applications. Epoxy systems are the first choice for many applications where adhesion and mechanical strength combined with high elasticity are needed. Thereby the hardener significantly determines the properties of the cured coating.

Epoxy hardenerHardener, aqueous

Water-based, self-emulsifying hardeners for liquid epoxy resins and solid resin emulsions are characterised by very fast physical drying, long processing times and very good adhesion properties to metals and mineral substrates. From an occupational health point of view, aqueous systems are to be preferred to all other epoxy systems and should therefore be used wherever technically possible.

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Epoxy hardenerAdduct hardener, solvent-free

Solvent-free adduct hardeners are suitable for the coating of substrates that are poorly pre-treated. They have good adhesion properties to the substrate even at high humidity and are also used for corrosion protection in shipbuilding.

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Epoxy hardenerAdduct hardener, solvent-based

Epoxy resin adducted polyaminoamides. High chemical resistance, fast physical drying, good adhesion.

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Epoxy hardenerPolyaminoamide hardener, solvent-free

Polyaminoamide hardener for corrosion protection. Good mechanical properties, long processability, good adhesion.

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Epoxy hardenerpolyaminoamide hardener, solvent-based

Solutions of polyaminoamide hardeners with fast physical drying of paints. A variety of solvent mixtures are possible.

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