HOBUM.Innovation.Exchange. 2022

Are you looking for products made from bio-based raw materials?

We lead a life on credit: For decades, mankind has been consuming the resources that was stored by nature millions of years ago – crude oil, gas and coal. The effects are omnipresent. How can products based on renewable resources break this trend? In the first Deep Dive presentation Elisabeth Meints discusses this question. Afterwards, you can exchange ideas and get inspired in personal, confidential 1:1 conversation with our experts about individual topics. We accept your challenge to break new ground in these conversations. #thinkoutofthebox

Can sustainability be implemented in composites? Are composites with a bio-based carbon content of over 75% in the finished fiber composite possible? Dr. Jens Lüttke uses examples to show what is technically feasible. The resin systems are suitable for processing in conventional RTM systems. Either the dry fibers or corresponding prepregs are placed in the molds.

In recent months, our research and development has been particularly productive, because market requirements are also constantly evolving. The innovative result is our latest EP hardener Merginamid A 282. It is benzyl alcohol-free. Dr. René Manski reports on the advantages of this hardener in different coatings.

Meet our experts in personal 1:1 sessions. Arrange the best dates for this event early. Do you have questions, suggestions or further ideas beyond the Deep Dive presentation? Or about our Merginols (polyols), Isomergic Acids (conjugated fatty acids), Merginats (epoxidized esters and oils) or Merginamides (EP hardeners), then you are invited to book a 1:1 session.

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