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You want to exchange ideas on bio-based raw materials?

Join our “HOBUM.Innovation.Exchange.” on 23.03.2022 online.

You want to learn more about the use of products with a high bio-based carbon content in the following applications?

Adhesives | Composites | Construction Chemicals | Corrosion Protection | Paints and Coatings | UV Coating | Plasticizers

Then the HOBUM.Innovation.Exchange. is the right place for you! Here you can learn more about the HOBUM product portfolio and the latest developments in personal 1:1 sessions and exciting deep dive presentations.

We offer you three Deep Dive Presentations. Choose which lectures you would like to attend. In addition, you have the opportunity to book your personal 1:1 exchange on specific topics with us.
The participation is free of charge.


Deep Dive Presentations | 23.03.2022
9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Choose which lectures you would like to attend:

  • 9.00 am, Elisabeth Meints, Technical Marketing Manager:
    Are Bio-based Materials the Right Choice to Establish Alternative Resources for CO₂ Neutrality?
  • 10.00 am, Dr. Jens Lüttke, Research & Development:
    Bio-based Epoxy Systems for Natural Fiber Composite and Prepreg
  • 11.00 am, Dr. René Manski, Head of Sales & Marketing:
    A new VOC-free, Bio-based Epoxy Hardener for Critical Surfaces

Please register by 18.03.2022 under the following link:

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Personal 1:1 Exchange | 23.03.2022
10.00 am – 5.00 pm, 20min each


  • Bio-based Raw Materials
  • Composites
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Corrosion Protection based on epoxy
  • PU Coatings and Foams
  • Plasticizer
  • #thinkoutofthebox
  • UV Coatings

Please register by 18.03.2022 under the following link:

About the HOBUM.Innovation.Exchange.

We lead a life on credit: For decades, mankind has been consuming the resources that were stored by nature millions of years ago – crude oil, gas and coal. The effects are omnipresent. How can products based on renewable resources break this trend? In the first Deep Dive presentation Elisabeth Meints discusses this question. Afterwards, you can exchange ideas and get inspired in personal, confidential 1:1 conversation with our experts about individual topics. We accept your challenge to break new ground in these conversations. #thinkoutofthebox

Can sustainability be implemented in composites? Are composites with a bio-based carbon content of over 75% in the finished fiber composite possible? Dr. Jens Lüttke uses examples to show what is technically feasible. The resin systems are suitable for processing in conventional RTM systems. Either the dry fibers or corresponding prepregs are placed in the molds.
In recent months, our research and development has been particularly productive, because market requirements are also constantly evolving. The innovative result is our latest EP hardener Merginamid A 282. It is benzyl alcohol-free. Dr. René Manski reports on the advantages of this hardener in different coatings.

Meet our experts in personal 1:1 sessions. Arrange the best dates for this event early. Do you have questions, suggestions or further ideas beyond the Deep Dive presentation? Or about our Merginols (polyols), Isomergic Acids (conjugated fatty acids), Merginats (epoxidized esters and oils) or Merginamides (EP hardeners), then you are invited to book a 1:1 session.

Meet the Expert

During the 1:1 sessions you can talk to these Experts:

Dr. René Manski

Head of Sales and Marketing

Elisabeth Moshake

Technical Marketing

Dieter Grabowski

Technical Sales

Receive information about Product Portfolio
Technical questions and application areas
Request a sample or an offer

Dr. Michael Blumenstein

Head of R&D | Merginol & Merginat

Dr. Jens Lüttke

Research & Development | Merginamid & Isomergin Acid

Detailed technical questions
Customized products
Research & Development projects and collaboration