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HOBUM News | September 2022

HOBUM News September 2022

Dr. René Manski, Marketing and Sales Manager

Dear Friends and Partners,

since our last newsletter a lot has happened in the world. We look back on a summer of contrasts. Great warm weather partly too hot, pleased us as summer vacationers, but was a disaster for farmers, forest owners and inland waterways.

The increasing prices of raw materials and, in particular, of energy are causing a great deal of uncertainty, both in the private sector and in the business sector. All signs point to recession.
How strong and how long it will last is uncertain. This depends on many factors. At the moment, everyone is overwhelmed by negative news (including the inhumane, cruel and unnecessary war in Ukraine, where a diplomatic solution is not discernible) and scenarios (including continued inflation, unaffordable energy costs, or even energy allocation).

I believe that we must not only focus on the negative, but also look up and look at the positive points. If everyone does this, then the recession and the fear will automatically be reduced.

Try it.

We at HOBUM are very positive about the long-term future. In the short term, we expect the next winter to have many challenges in store for us and that it will not be easy in many respects.

Over the past few months, we at HOBUM have achieved a lot of positive results.

We cordially invite you to find out how we have strengthened our team in terms of personnel, which technical changes were implemented during our downtime and which new product groups you can use to make your product portfolio even more sustainable in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Your support is also needed so that we can constantly improve as your responsible partner. Use our customer survey. The corresponding link can be found in the article.

Enjoy reading!

Dr. René Manski
Marketing and Sales Manager

What do we mean when we say NEO?

Get to know our new NEO product range. Jan-Domenic Urbas explains more in the video.
Natural. Innovative. HOBUM.


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Would you like to receive more information?
Feel free to contact our Technical Product Manager Jan-Domenic Urbas via email: or phone: +49 40 766 255-37.

Highlights from the production downtime

➡️ 91% of 100 tasks completed ✅

About a month ago, our production plants were shut down as planned. The so-called “stoppage” was only related to our production, as this was the start to work on a very long to-do list. Among other things, the ideas from the project “Debottlenecking Epoxidation” were implemented. There the exchange of the agitator and the installation of heating/cooling coils in the tank took place. The acceptance of the “TÜV” test was carried out successfully, without defects. Thus it is now since 08.08.22 on the state of the art and is used more effectively.

“ The shutdown was well prepared by the colleagues from our workshop, the production facility and the warehouse. My predecessor Dr. Manfred Hoffmann and I worked according to a shift system so that a person in charge was present every day from 7 am to 6 pm. There were no accidents, no material leakage and therefore it was safe to work.

Andreas Rogenhofer, Technical Operations Manager

The overall cooperation was very good – a smooth process and a good atmosphere in the team. In addition, we have gathered good learning experiences for the summer of 2023 in order to further optimize the processes. “
says our Technical Operations Manager Andreas Rogenhofer.

Many thanks to all contributors!

High-quality hardeners for your applications

Merginamid is our product group based on polyamino amides and polyamine ducts.
Epoxy systems are preferentially used in corrosion protection and construction. The excellent adhesion to metallic and mineral substrates allows a wide range of applications. Epoxy systems are the first choice for many applications where adhesion and mechanical strength are important and at the same time high elasticity. The hardener significantly determines the properties of the hardened coating.

Are you looking for high-quality hardeners that meet your highest performance and sustainability requirements? Feel free to contact us or make an appointment online to work out the optimal solution for you.

Today we present our Merginamid A 282:
Merginamid A 282 is a low viscosity, solvent-free, formulated polyaminoamide adduct. The hardener does not contain non-reactive extenders (free of benzyl alcohol and nonylphenol). Merginamid A 282 can be seen as a benzyl alcohol-free version of Merginamid A 280.
Merginamid A 282 in combination with liquid epoxy resins is particularly suitable for coatings on difficult concrete substrates, for concrete bonding and for the formulation of solvent-free paints (high-solid paints) for corrosion protection.

EP coatings based on Merginamid A 282 are characterized by excellent adhesion to wet concrete and sandblasted steel, by smooth, glossy and non-stick hardening films and good corrosion protection.
Epoxy systems are preferentially used in corrosion protection and construction. The excellent adhesion to metallic and mineral substrates allows a wide range of applications. Epoxy systems are the first choice for many applications where adhesion and mechanical strength are important and at the same time high elasticity. The hardener significantly determines the properties of the hardened coating.

Would you like to receive more detailed information? Feel free to make an online appointment with us under this link.

Welcome to the HOBUM board!

We are pleased to be joined by Anika Sell in our administration and Malte Peters in our production.

Anika Sell, Executive Board and CEO Assistant / Office Manager

If you are in contact with us by phone or e-mail, you have probably already met Mrs. Sell. She has been working in our administration since 01. 09. 22 as assistant to the management.

After my successful business studies, I spent more than 10 years in the hotel industry in various international management positions.
Now I am very much looking forward to the new task of becoming part of an agile and innovative team and actively supporting the success of HOBUM Oleochemicals on its positive path. “, says Anika Sell.

Malte Peters strengthens our production team.

In our production we have additional, energetic support from our new employees Malte Peters. He is a trained specialist warehouse operator and specialist in warehouse logistics. He also has experience as a chemist.
“I like working with colleagues from my shift very much. It’s also nice to work in a family business because you know each other personally”, says Malte Peters.

We look forward to working together!

Successful team training and certification

The European Commission has published in the Official Journal of the European Union Regulation 2020/1449 amending Annex XVII of REACH to restrict diisocyanates.

Diisocyanates, which contain highly reactive NCO groups, are a group of chemicals used to produce a variety of polyurethane products. Polyurethanes are formed by the chemical reaction of diisocyanates and polyols, which are mixed and then polymerized. Without these two ingredients, there would be no polyurethane.

Behaviour at work is crucial for safe handling of diisocyanates. In the event of improper behaviour, diisocyanates may cause respiratory sensitisation – an irreversible allergic reaction. To address this potential risk, the EU is introducing statutory training to ensure occupational safety for workers dealing with diisocyanates, thus enabling them to work with them.

Training courses are developed by the chemical associations ISOPA and ALIPA and must be repeated at least every five years. They shall be carried out only by duly certified experts in the field of occupational safety and health. We at HOBUM Oleochemicals have opted for the accredited training program of FSK.
In order to continue to provide our customers with competent and comprehensive advice regarding our merginools (polyols), we have to deal with them in research and development during our development and application tests, even if we do not produce diisocyanates.

A total of eight employees from the areas of research and development and technical marketing were therefore successfully trained.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Highest service standards for our customers are to be given at HOBUM. That is why it is even more important to check the effectiveness of internal service measures. This is not only helping us to ensure your satisfaction, but also to discover potential for improvement. In doing so, we ask for your support and would appreciate your participation in our survey.
(duration approx. 5 minutes)

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If you have any questions or comments, you can contact Mr. Urbas via eMail or via phone.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Jan-Domenic Urbas
Technical Marketing Manager
Tel. +49 40 766 255 37

Do you have any questions about our products?
Book an online appointment with us under this link.

We look forward to the exchange with you!


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