Successful Girls’ Day

Two interested visitors came to our company on the occasion of Girls’ Day and got an insight into our production areas and our laboratory. The programme included the following:

• Tour of the production with our employee Sascha Bartkowski
• Calibration of the platform scale for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container, 1m3).
The scale was rebuilt and then had to be checked by the Eichamt.
An IBC weighs about 1000kg, but the scale must be able to weigh an even larger range up to 1500kg – up to 750g.
• Tour of our laboratory and titration with our laboratory technician
• Company tour with our managing director Arnold G. Mergell

We hope that we aroused interest in different professions and that the participants had an eventful day with us.

Many thanks to our team for co-creating the Girls’ Day.