Biobased carbon content

Sustainable chemistry:

Biobased carbon content in our products

Why are we now specifying a proportion of renewable raw materials?

Arnold G. Mergell, Managing Director

Arnold G. Mergell: „The HOBUM Oleochemicals GmbH is a traditional Hamburg company in the market of oleochemical products. For over 60 years, we develope and produce highly specialized products for the chemical industry from vegetable oils and fatty acids. So it is in our DNA to work with plant raw materials. The interest in binders made from sustainable and renewable raw materials has been growing for several years. Our products already contain a high proportion of renewable raw materials, which is clearly shown by the biobased carbon content.“


What is the biobased carbon content?

Dr. Michael Blumenstein, Head of Research and Development

Dr. Michael Blumenstein: „Analytical methods can be used to prove whether the carbon in the products comes from biomass or from fossil resources. Thus, the origin of the carbon is analyzed and can be specified for each product. It is therefore possible for us to indicate for each product the proportion of carbon that comes from renewable raw materials. As already mentioned, our products consist of high proportions of vegetable oils and fatty acids. Depending on the product group, the bio-based carbon content can be up to 100%. This means that these products do not contain organic carbon from fossil sources.“


What are our goals?

Dr. René Manski, Managing Director

Dr. René Manski: „With decades of experience in the innovative development and production of high performance products based on renewable raw materials, we make a decisive contribution to increasing sustainability along the value chain. We are convinced that the sensible use of renewable raw materials combined with climate-neutral production processes and sustainable business processes makes an important positive contribution to achieving climate goals. We are aggressively pursuing this goal internally and together with our business partners. You are cordially invited to shape the transformation together with us. “

Where can I find more detailed information?

Elisabeth Meints, Technical Marketing Manager

Elisabeth Meints: „The biobased carbon content of our products can be found in our updated product overviews and product information. If you are interested in receiving these, please feel free to contact me via email: or phone: +49 40 766 255 0.“