Energy supply at the production site in Germany

Interview with our Managing Director Arnold Mergell:

Mittagsmagazin: ‘Made in Germany’ in Gefahr | ARD Mediathek (in German)

For our production we need steam, which until now we have produced exclusively with gas. The energy crisis has made us, as a medium-sized production company in Hamburg,
like many other companies, faced particular challenges.

How can we continue to produce competitively? As a solution, we initially purchased several dual-fuel burners, which in addition to
Gas can be converted to fuel oil. Since the end of last year, we have been able to produce completely gas-independent if required.
Our medium-term goal remains the conversion of energy supply to green hydrogen by 2028.

Other regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Supply Chain Act or the planned regulation on working time recording, also bind capacities and in particular skilled workers. These are then not available for important future topics.

We need policy support to create better conditions for industry and business, such as faster authorisation procedures. This is the only way we can continue to be his attractive employer and a competitive company with products “Made in Germany”.