Experience Day

Participation in the Experience Day: Inspiring Conversations with Engaged Students!

We are delighted to share our participation in the Experience Day, an event that connects young talents with the world of work.

Our booth served as a meeting point for curious and interested students who wanted to learn more about our industry and career opportunities. Our Laboratory Manager, Stefanie Ehmke-Morthorst, and our Managing Director, Arnold Mergell, engaged in conversations with the participants, providing insights into our activities. It was refreshing to witness the students’ enthusiasm and the significant interest many of them showed in our field.

We hope that we have laid the foundation for potential future colleagues.

In addition, practical experiences were gained at our booth, where we demonstrated the production of sunflower oil – the basis for many of our products.

We would like to express our gratitude to the NachwuchsCampus team for organizing this valuable event, which enabled us to reach out to young individuals and offer them perspectives for their professional future!